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water under the bridge

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dummies on the run



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Dummies on the Run
The Evolution

Upon a time in
a galaxy far, far away,
CPR class was a time of
Boredom, intimidation and fear.
CPR students were forced to spend
days in class, endure hours of
video, share dummies, and were
terrorized by the harsh
methods of egomaniacal

An then, In a remote corner of
the galaxy, a new way evolved.
A core group of CPR masters
began a mission to teach simple
CPR across the Empire. The
hard fought revolution
spanned decades.
Students were trained to
harness the power of the
force and unleash their inner
CPR master.
Their CPR training was
engaging and powerful.
Refugees from the dark side
found themselves listening and
actively learning. The reasons
behind the methods were
clearly explained. They enjoyed
their class time. They eagerly
practiced skills to perfection,
emerging from class feeling
confident they could go forth
and save lives.

You too can join
The Revolution.
Use the Force, or
alternately, your phone,
to call

Go forth, save lives,
May the Pulse be with you!

Dummies on the Run
Mobile CPR & First Aid Instruction