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All About Dummies on the Run
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Dummies on the Run is a small, independently owned, one woman business offering CPR/AED and First aid Instruction through southeastern Michigan. My goal in every class is to create a positive, non - threatening and enjoyable environment. The most productive learning occurs when participants feel comfortable and relaxed, yet engaged. I provide instruction that allows practice and the repetition necessary to facilitate fluidity of action in an emergency. Each participant is supplied with their own manikin, with no chance of students becoming bored on the sideline. This allows everyone to remain focused on the skill being practiced. While everyone is working collectively, I can circulate and provide help and suggestions. An added benefit of individual manikins is that the inherent down time of cleaning manikins between users and the distractions of constantly switching manikins back and forth is eliminated. Classes take less time and are more focused.
The class is a combination of lecture suffused more than the occasional bad joke. With very large classes I will use power point

I teach students the fundamentals of the body's core mechanisms, providing as much knowledge as possible in very straightforward, understandable terms.this allows students to correlate CPR & First Aid skills with the typical cause and effects of an emergency scenario. Students are able to combine their new skills with situation evaluation and make the correct choices. My experience has taught me that people who leave a class feeling knowledgeable and confident about their skills are more likely to take action in an emergency.

I look forward to discussing your specific situation and how I can help you meet your CPR and First Aid Instructional needs.

May the Pulse be with you!
Jerry Buffman